Badia)advocats participates in the H2020 program to enable the community exchange of medical data

Badia)advocats is collaborating in the development of an EU network under the scope of Horizon 2020 that would allow for the exchange of health information among Member States in case of health emergencies

In order to achieve a more comprehensive European integration, the EU through its investment in science has put emphasis on eHealth. Among the most ambitious EU projects we may find the creation of a framework that wishes to connect Member States in order to extend the health coverage of EU citizens to all Member. The first step of the project is to allow for these exchanges to take place in cases of emergency.

Badia)advocats has performed as a Spanish advisor for this first step providing a holistic picture including, but not limited to: the progress made in the Electronic Health Records in Spain through the Spanish National Health System, a picture of the technical tools present in Catalonia (mainly the HC3, also known as Història compartida de Catalunya), a legal assessment on data protection which includes the new requirements of the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation and the needed cybersecurity requirements in the matter of health.

The project is led by the prestigious law firm Timelex, established in Belgium and is financed by Horizon 2020. Along the process, Badia)advocats has worked with hospitals and several sources from the Catalan Health Department. With this collaboration, Badia)advocats wishes to stand by the European Integration through scientific innovation.