Badia)advocats advises clients in matters of succession, wills and inheritances.

Planning one's own succession is not a pleasant task, but it is an investment that will save heirs a lot of headaches. If we have suffered the misfortune of losing a family member, it will be wise for us to provide the best possible advice so that we can decide whether or not to accept the inheritance, how much it will cost us and how to expedite procedures.

Badia)advocats, since 1952, have gone through all the changes of succession law from the perspective of Catalan law, although at present the international component in inheritances is becoming more and more important. 

Inheritance is complicated when the decedent, heirs or property has a foreign component, which can happen in the case of large fortunes or migrants. These details need to be carefully planned or taken into account and, should they occur, be prepared to deal with them. Badia)advocats can offer direct communication in different languages ​​with notaries, registries and administrations of other countries; our experience at European level guarantees highly effective management and results.

Our law firm has handled a great number of inheritances and the award to the favored with little contentiousness, because in these matters we believe that it is best to negotiate and manage conflicts rather than to sue. In order to achieve it, first step is to get to know the client and advise them so that each will, chapter or mortis causa covenant be like a tailor-made suit, appropriate to the family situation of each person, in order to avoid any subsequent conflict and minimize the tax burden, thus giving you peace of mind in this regard.

Once the succession has opened, Badia)advocats provides clients with documentary and bureaucratic procedures, compiles inventory, studies possible award options with their tax consequences, and tries to expedite these procedures to the maximum in order to minimize the kind of family affliction that it always entails.

In cases that have turned contentious, Badia)advocats makes its best to negotiate to defend clients' interests in inheritance, and in the event of a dispute, mediation can be helpful to avoid legal disputes that hurt families so badly.

Badia)advocats have also successfully engaged in vacant inheritance cases, doing genealogical research to find distant relatives or to unlock real estate burdened by immemorial pledges or succession disputes.

And we have also promoted, successfully, the first inheritance bankrupcy proceeding that has been awarded in Catalonia, being aware that this will be an upward trend given the level of debt of many families.